Curb can add a ton of curb appeal to any house.  We offer anything from natural edging, to rubber edging, and even concrete edging.  The style really depends on the need of each customer, so call us today and we can see what best fits you and your home.


We recommend plug-type aeration in the spring and fall to provide multitude of benefits to your lawn. Aeration provides many benefits for your lawn including breaking up clay, encouraging root growth, delivers more air, allows water and fertilizer closer to the root system, ensures ample water supply to the soil after harsh compaction of winter snow, and bring pre-emergent closer to the root system to help eliminate weeds and crabgrass.

Power Raking

Power raking is the process of removing “thatch” from your lawn. Thatch refers to the excess buildup of dead or decomposing grass material that usually accumulates over the winter season. While small amounts of thatch can actually help your lawn, layers of thatch that exceed an inch in height can cause serious problems for your lawn by reducing the amount of water and sunlight that gets to your grass, providing a fertile breeding ground for unwanted diseases and insects, and by reducing the efficacy of fertilizers. We offer power raking in early spring to our customers, but its important to remember this needs to be schedule prior to your grass turning green due to the stress power raking can have on it. 


Another important step in creating and maintaining your ideal lawn includes over-seeding, which thickens the lawn, helps crowd out weeds, reduces heat stress, diminishes fungus and promotes growth in bare areas. Call us to day so we can talk about your lawn and come up with a solution that fits with you and your lawn.

Mole Control

Moles have the potential to ruin your lush-green, meticulously manicured lawn. Chances are, you don’t have anything nice to say about them, and we can help.

Spring & Fall


There are many details to consider in keeping your lawn and landscape in top condition. Seasonal clean-ups scheduled throughout the year, for example, are especially important if you want your property to look its best. Tidying up your lawn and landscape two or three times a year can help to improve the health of your plantings too.  We prefer to do both spring and fall clean ups to ensure our customers lawns are prepped and ready for the season ahead!

Pruning Shrubs & Hedge Trimming

Pruning also improves the health of hedges and shrubs. Removing dead, dying or diseased portions of the shrub or hedge prevents diseases from spreading and insects from settling into deadwood.  For pruning to be effective you need to do so regularly and it can be very time consuming. Every customer is different with pruning and hedge trimming because different species grow at different rates, so call us today to set up a specific plan that meets your needs.